Happy New Year!

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In Europe “Happy New Year” is a greeting that is used the entire month of January.

Will 2017 be the year of a new career? A new Love? I am looking ahead to a stylish year with a simple lean closet.

If you wish to discuss how to look your best for a new career, for the new love and/or to create a simple lean closet, contact me.  To book or to have a non-obligation conversation about the “New You” simply call  (415-302-9366) or email me at

Happy New Year!

I Am So Thankful!

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I Am So Thankful!

It’s hard to believe that the year’s end is only a few days away. For me, this is the perfect time to reflect upon what I have learned over the years.

I realize how fortunate I am that I have such wonderful clients such as you. For this I am very grateful. You give me the opportunity to do what I love most and that is to set you on your path to creating a new image that reflects the best in you. My biggest reward is seeing your smile in the mirror when you look at yourself wearing the clothes I chose for you and reviewing your before and after pictures. You challenge me to be better today than yesterday and not quite as good as I will be tomorrow. You, Dear Clients, have helped me succeed in my practice.

When in 2003, I started working on my business plan and created Michele Benza, Image Consulting and Posture I never envisioned that the new venture would be so much fun and so rewarding. Thank you so very much. Here are some things I’ve learned:

DO NOT HIRE AN IMAGE CONSULTANT, Unless you’re ready to take on board critiques and willing to follow your image consultant’s directions. Face it to change it.

CREATE YOUR IDEAL IMAGE, In your mind. If you do not have one, create one now!

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO LOOK YOUR BEST, Not only for yourself, but also for your partner in life, your children, your colleagues and everyone you encounter every day.

KEEP THE ENVIRONMENT CLEAR, Free your wardrobe of toxic elements.

APPEARANCE IS NOT A MAGICAL GIFT, It is an ability that we can all learn and cultivate.

WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, Everybody can be beautiful.

IF YOU ARE DRESSED FOR THE PART, You can better focus on the content of your words.

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF, Show that you made an effort.

DESIGNER LABEL SYNDROME, If you have it, stop it now!

AN UNFORGETTABLE DRESS, Is the right dress. On the right woman. At the right time. (Hal Rubinstein)

IF YOU WISH TO STAND OUT, The LBD should not be black.

DRESS IN OPPOSITION, Dressing sexy? Low key makeup and accessories.

COLOR BLOCKS, Grey and white is better than black and white

EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL, We all have beautiful features, we all have flaws. Know what they are.

EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS, There is no-one one else like you.

TRUE COLOR, Our best colors are the ones that respect our natural base.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

With appreciation to you all,


Professionall Attire for the Hot Summer Days

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Professional Attire for the Hot Summer Months
Ahhh, it feels like summer is at our doorstep. It’s time for casual wear. Just not for the office.
Inappropriate professional dress is a common problem during the summer months. It is hard to resist the temptation to trade the business suit for Bermuda shorts or capris. Whether or not we think it “should” make a difference if we are doing great work, the way we present ourselves, including our clothing choices, posture, our self confidence DO impact management’s impression of our credibility and whether we represent the company or organization in the way they would prefer.
For example, sheer clothing, unsuitable footwear (like flip-flops), or showing too much skin are all taboo in an office environment.
If you question whether an outfit could be inappropriate for the workplace, use common sense, don’t wear it. Don’t take the risk of a fashion faux-pas if you are looking to get ahead. Take your appearance seriously if you want your hard work to be taken seriously.
Your Fashion Stylist Who Features European Style and Elegance.

Elegance, A Word of the Past? Sadness and Deception.

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Elegance – the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

 I have been looking around to find the slightest trace of elegance…in vain, I can’t find it. It seems as if modesty in a woman’s appearance is a thing of the past. Elegance and class in women’s clothing were last seen at approximately the time of Princess Diana’s death.

Young girls do seem to prefer vulgarity to elegance; this appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

What has destructed elegance?

  1. Comfort

Pants and sneaker-like shoes in lieu of a nicely tailored outfit and elegant shoes.

  1. Practicality

People prefer to avoid dry cleaning and reach for practical fabrics that can be thrown in washing machines lowering the quality of fabrics.

  1. People sizes and proportions

One size fits all is always a bad fit or S, M, L. Alterations is a story of the past although off the rack clothes need to be altered to drape perfectly on the body of the wearer.

  1. Marketing

Designers are now ‘corporations’ where only the bottom line figure counts. Magazine ads have become tasteless and that is what consumers copy.

  1. Laziness

And to crown it all, we have become lazy. Shoes no longer shine; clothes are no longer pressed; pants are no longer hemmed.

What has happened to elegance, to being attractive and to give a pleasant picture of ourselves to others? Perhaps low self-esteem plays a big part in this picture.

The clothes that we wear are only a small part of what make a person elegant and appealing. Good posture, a way to carry oneself, a certain way to stand, walk, sit, movements of the hands, of the head, a real smile — all these contributes to elegance.

Michele, your fashion stylist who features European style and elegance.












November 6, 2015

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November 6, 2015

It is not an easy task to make a choice between the current trends and the pieces introduced during more than 500 runway presentations for the 2016 Winter season.

 Getting dressed at this time of year can be tricky. Days start out cold and crisp end up warm and sunny, sometimes with bouts of rain that necessitate outerwear but it’s never cold enough here in California for a Winter coat. What to do? Find your own requirements that meet your needs. My best investment this year was a waterproof coat that is long enough for a good cover-up, with a hood to by pass the umbrella, warm enough as it has a detachable down lining. These were my requirements as I walk to and from work about a 20 minute walk each way. My coats I love them big, I love them warm enough but no too much. However, this winter I wanted a coat water resistant as well! We have been promised rainstorms here in California, indeed we got quiet a few and much more to come.



Nothing to wear? Contact Michele Benza.

Make a Choice. Take a Chance. Create Change!

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Michèle Benza, Confidential Image Consulting Featuring European Style and Elegance.

Michèle Benza, Confidential Image Consulting Featuring European Style and Elegance.

Think about it. How can we change old patterns that no longer work if we don’t make a choice to jumpstart the changes we want? Sometimes that choice requires we take a chance or, a leap of faith!
My New Year resolution is to focus on work. My challenge is to learn something new every day and to be better than yesterday.
To that end, I have made the choice to offer the best image consulting services available. This requires that I keep my skills updated and learn new ways to market myself over the Internet and via social media.
Have you made any New Year resolutions? If none came to mind, how about finding your own signature style? The first step is simple: examine your wardrobe and consider what clothing and accessories could be used to transform your style. While rethinking your wardrobe you may also consider how best to use my services so that I can tweak it in a way that can help you create a signature style that fits your body, lifestyle and personality.
That first step takes courage as it makes us step outside our comfort zone, which quite often leads us into our “fear” zone. But is there another alternative? Yes, the changeover period can be uncomfortable, but look at it more as a challenge. After all, don’t you want to feel and look the best you possibly can?
Choices. Chances. Changes. Three simple words that have the power to bring you where you want to be. Right here and now.