Benefits of Working with Michèle

Think of your image as the cover of a book.  How many books do you pass by because the cover does not appeal to you? Think how many good reads you may have missed!

In many ways, working with Michèle is like taking a shortcut to your personal and professional growth. The way you look, what you wear and how you present yourself impacts your self-esteem and the impression you make on others. How you dress for a job interview, an important meeting, a special event or simply for yourself instantly communicates more about you than can be conveyed with words.

You will learn:

  • How to dress based on your body type and select styles that enhance your features.
  • How to identify and project an image and style that suits your goals and character, as well as your personal and professional lifestyles.
  • About current trends to help you update your wardrobe, either by freshening items you already have or shopping for new items to add some zest to your look.

Advantages of Working with Michèle

  • Michèle has many years of experience and has worked with a wide variety of clients, locally and internationally.
  • She is certified in image consulting and esthetics from European institutions and is a certified Pilates instructor.
  • She has owned retail fashion boutiques and actively stays current with fashion trends. She also goes to Paris at least twice a year to monitor seasonal fashions in the stores and on the streets, where it really all happens.
  • She maintains professional image consulting membership with the Association Francaise pour l’Image Personnelle et Professionnelle (AFIPP-Paris).
  • She is a recognized regular columnist for several websites.

Michèle’s doors are open to anyone who wishes to improve their physical appearance and increase their self-esteem and confidence.

First impressions are lasting. Working with Michele will help ensure your image will make a great first impression every time. Give yourself a brand new fashion look, learn helpful tips on ways to dress well without spending a fortune.