I Am So Thankful!

I Am So Thankful!

It’s hard to believe that the year’s end is only a few days away. For me, this is the perfect time to reflect upon what I have learned over the years.

I realize how fortunate I am that I have such wonderful clients such as you. For this I am very grateful. You give me the opportunity to do what I love most and that is to set you on your path to creating a new image that reflects the best in you. My biggest reward is seeing your smile in the mirror when you look at yourself wearing the clothes I chose for you and reviewing your before and after pictures. You challenge me to be better today than yesterday and not quite as good as I will be tomorrow. You, Dear Clients, have helped me succeed in my practice.

When in 2003, I started working on my business plan and created Michele Benza, Image Consulting and Posture I never envisioned that the new venture would be so much fun and so rewarding. Thank you so very much. Here are some things I’ve learned:

DO NOT HIRE AN IMAGE CONSULTANT, Unless you’re ready to take on board critiques and willing to follow your image consultant’s directions. Face it to change it.

CREATE YOUR IDEAL IMAGE, In your mind. If you do not have one, create one now!

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF TO LOOK YOUR BEST, Not only for yourself, but also for your partner in life, your children, your colleagues and everyone you encounter every day.

KEEP THE ENVIRONMENT CLEAR, Free your wardrobe of toxic elements.

APPEARANCE IS NOT A MAGICAL GIFT, It is an ability that we can all learn and cultivate.

WITH THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, Everybody can be beautiful.

IF YOU ARE DRESSED FOR THE PART, You can better focus on the content of your words.

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF, Show that you made an effort.

DESIGNER LABEL SYNDROME, If you have it, stop it now!

AN UNFORGETTABLE DRESS, Is the right dress. On the right woman. At the right time. (Hal Rubinstein)

IF YOU WISH TO STAND OUT, The LBD should not be black.

DRESS IN OPPOSITION, Dressing sexy? Low key makeup and accessories.

COLOR BLOCKS, Grey and white is better than black and white

EVERYBODY IS BEAUTIFUL, We all have beautiful features, we all have flaws. Know what they are.

EMBRACE YOUR UNIQUENESS, There is no-one one else like you.

TRUE COLOR, Our best colors are the ones that respect our natural base.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season!

With appreciation to you all,