Professionall Attire for the Hot Summer Days

Professional Attire for the Hot Summer Months
Ahhh, it feels like summer is at our doorstep. It’s time for casual wear. Just not for the office.
Inappropriate professional dress is a common problem during the summer months. It is hard to resist the temptation to trade the business suit for Bermuda shorts or capris. Whether or not we think it “should” make a difference if we are doing great work, the way we present ourselves, including our clothing choices, posture, our self confidence DO impact management’s impression of our credibility and whether we represent the company or organization in the way they would prefer.
For example, sheer clothing, unsuitable footwear (like flip-flops), or showing too much skin are all taboo in an office environment.
If you question whether an outfit could be inappropriate for the workplace, use common sense, don’t wear it. Don’t take the risk of a fashion faux-pas if you are looking to get ahead. Take your appearance seriously if you want your hard work to be taken seriously.
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