Elegance, A Word of the Past? Sadness and Deception.

Elegance – the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

 I have been looking around to find the slightest trace of elegance…in vain, I can’t find it. It seems as if modesty in a woman’s appearance is a thing of the past. Elegance and class in women’s clothing were last seen at approximately the time of Princess Diana’s death.

Young girls do seem to prefer vulgarity to elegance; this appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

What has destructed elegance?

  1. Comfort

Pants and sneaker-like shoes in lieu of a nicely tailored outfit and elegant shoes.

  1. Practicality

People prefer to avoid dry cleaning and reach for practical fabrics that can be thrown in washing machines lowering the quality of fabrics.

  1. People sizes and proportions

One size fits all is always a bad fit or S, M, L. Alterations is a story of the past although off the rack clothes need to be altered to drape perfectly on the body of the wearer.

  1. Marketing

Designers are now ‘corporations’ where only the bottom line figure counts. Magazine ads have become tasteless and that is what consumers copy.

  1. Laziness

And to crown it all, we have become lazy. Shoes no longer shine; clothes are no longer pressed; pants are no longer hemmed.

What has happened to elegance, to being attractive and to give a pleasant picture of ourselves to others? Perhaps low self-esteem plays a big part in this picture.

The clothes that we wear are only a small part of what make a person elegant and appealing. Good posture, a way to carry oneself, a certain way to stand, walk, sit, movements of the hands, of the head, a real smile — all these contributes to elegance.

Michele, your fashion stylist who features European style and elegance.